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A set of line constructions

2x 400 kV Varín – Sučany


Environmental surveillance

Engineering activity

Implementation project of technical and biological reclamation of agricultural land

Implementation project for biological reclamation of areas temporarily excluded from the forest land fund

Implementation project for the construction of windward walls of forest stands

Implementation project for afforestation of the line protection zone

Construction of windward walls of forest stands

Afforestation of the line protection zone

Treatment of seedlings planted in biological reclamation and building wind walls

Wiring V 495 Bošáca – Varín

100 km, 11,325 of subjects


Provision of documents for the issuance of a decision on temporary withdrawal of land from LPF

Concluding agreements on future damages agreements with the owners or users concerned

Compensation to the subjects concerned

Geometric plans for the separation of the protection zone

Geometric plans for marking the encumbrance

Geometric plans for the calculation of areas for compensation and deforestation

Identification reports

Aiming and displaying the deforestation boundary of the protection zone

Expert opinions

Landscaping projects

Záhorská Ves and Zohor


Point field

Demarcation, focus and stabilization of the circuit

Purpose map of topography

Elevation map

BPEJ update and land valuation

Register of the original state

General principles of functional organization of the territory

Local territorial system of ecological stability

Principles for the location of new land

Plans for common and public facilities and measures

Distribution plan in the form of a placement and demarcation plan

Update of the RPS and the distribution plan, delineation of significant breaking points of the boundaries of new plots

Demarcation of detailed breakpoints of new land boundaries

Distribution plan in the form of a geometric plan, comparative assembly

Lighting of the main square

in Minsk, Belarus

Lighting part of the city

Calabar in Nigeria

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