Building automation.

Modernization of lighting and energy-intensive equipment of buildings, including insulation and environmental burdens.

Explore the possibilities for

smart buildings.

The biggest challenge of the 21st century is to evaluate a large amount of acquired data to ensure optimal and efficient operation of buildings.

Why is building automation important?


of energy in buildings
is wasted due to
inefficient control systems


of facility managers use
only 60% of available capacity
to manage buildings


of the energy
used in buildings
is actually waste

GRETA project

the most efficient energy distribution

In order for your building to save energy, you must teach it to think ecologically - i.e. automate it effectively. GRETA solution is the best and affordable way out.

Audit of existing

Proposal of
the most suitable
the solution

Quantify solution
the solution

in implementing
the solution

Elaboration of

A simple solution

measuring and analysing the efficiency of buildings

The Greta solution constantly collects and analyses data from sensors and displays the energy consumption for each office separately in a clear form.

Each office has preferences
for energy consumption

Each type of energy
leak has a fixed price

Calculations also include outdoor
temperature and sunlight

Example of connection of a 4-storey building

intelligent lighting

Design of an office building with 4 floors. Each floor has 14 switching lines. Each circuit can control up to 45 light bulbs. Presence detection control and automatic energy monitoring of the entire system.


of switching circuits

45 (50W)

of LEDs for 1 circuit


of LEDs for the system

Do not hesitate with automation for a second.

Every second you waste money for inefficient energy consumption.

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